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Children’s Dentistry in Tuggeranong

CDBS Provider Tuggeranong

We are providers for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule – your child may be eligible for $1000 of dental care every two years.

Children of all ages are welcome at Blue Poppy Dental Care: our entire team is focused on their care and comfort, and on making their dental visits a positive experience.

It all starts when they walk through the door. After a warm welcome from our staff, they will be invited to make themselves comfortable in our reception area, which is filled with books, toys and activities for our young visitors.

Whether children themselves have an appointment or are waiting for another family member, there is plenty to do in our comfortable front room!

Catering for Your Child’s Needs

We recognise that a child’s earliest dental experiences can have a lifelong impact on their feelings about dentistry and their willingness to access dental care, and that we therefore have a great responsibility to make their dental appointments as calm, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We welcome eligible children under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Children sometimes need a little extra time to get used to their surroundings, and a gentle, respectful dental team to encourage and support them through treatment. Our staff make this a particular priority when our youngest visitors are in the chair.

Treatments for children may include:

  • Orthodontic screening for signs of crowding
  • Treatment of toothache and other emergencies
  • Removal of baby teeth
  • Fillings

Why We All Need To Focus On Our Children’s Dental Health

icon-pediatric-dentistryThe statistics are alarming: while dental diseases such as tooth decay are entirely preventable, children throughout Australia are experiencing plenty of decay from an early age. Since the late 1990s, the prevalence of decay in children has increased. In fact, “nearly 50% of 5-6 year olds have experienced decay”!

The Australian Child Dental Health Survey (2003) showed that 48.7% of children aged 5-6 years have experienced decay in their deciduous (baby) teeth and approximately 41.3% had untreated decay.*

According to the Australian Dental Association, tooth decay has five times the prevalence of that of asthma among children, and each year sees 11 million newly decayed teeth develop.*

We hope you’ll agree that it’s worth working hard to reverse these statistics! Contact us today to schedule your child’s next check-up.

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