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Night Splints at Blue Poppy Dental Care

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Teeth Grinding During Sleep

Some people will experience episodes of teeth grinding during sleep, a phenomenon known as ‘Nocturnal Bruxism’. The pressure placed on teeth and fillings can cause them to wear down, chip, crack or break. It can also cause headaches, jaw aches or facial pain, particularly upon waking.

When your dentist becomes aware that you are grinding your teeth at night, they are likely to recommend a Night Splint.

How A Night Splint Can Help

A Night Splint (sometimes called a Nightguard or Occlusal Splint) is worn at night to protect teeth and fillings from the damage caused by teeth grinding. It also reduces the amount of pressure that the muscles can exert, which may provide relief from the associated headaches, facial pain and jaw pain.
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Night splints are custom made for the individual, and are designed to be comfortable while you sleep.

If you’re concerned about damaging your teeth while you sleep, contact us to discuss your options.

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